Origin [EP]

by Planetary Divide

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This EP is the first of many things to come from us, so buckle up and prepare for the journey.

Produced by Szabolcs Sebők - Alxin Records (mix/master)
Special thanks for Christian Emmet (vocal recordings)


released November 28, 2014

Planetary Divide:
Bryson Beert - Vocalist
Marcell Roncsák - Instrumentalist



all rights reserved


Planetary Divide Subotica, Serbia

Planetary Divide is an international, online, two-man metal project which brings professionally produced/original music to the scene. Our influences stem from a variety of genres and personal experiences, allowing us to create something that we can be both passionate and proud of. We have high hopes and aspirations for this project, however in the end it's all about the love for the music. ... more

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Track Name: Perfect Failure
Written by: Matthew Wilding - Former Vocalist of PD

Perfectly manufactured
Time slowly passes through the substrate
It boils down to nothing
This universal conundrum
Will never have its answers revealed

Step outside and take on the lunar energies presented to us all
The midnight air refreshes your soul for the journey you've been eluding
The poison you hold in your mouth opens the gates
And it begins to spill
A flood of suppressed emotions, neglected but never forgotten

Time is a constant we wish we could avoid
Breathe in the last shred of humanity
Stop what you're doing
And leave your body behind
Venture forth into habitual fantasy

We are not alone
Not alone

Spreading lies to raise the quality of our own lives
With clarity aside, we're denying the signs
A claim to sobriety will end this new found existence
But can you really go back to this perfect failure?

Perfectly manufactured
Time slowly passes through the substrate
It boils down to nothing
This universal conundrum
Will never have its answers revealed

The poison you hold in your mouth opens the gates
And it begins to spill
A flood of surpressed emotions, neglected but never forgotten
Track Name: A Sense Of Clarity
Where am I?
This appears to be a dream, yet I am fully aware
Never have I witnessed anything like this
Beauty beyond comprehension
With beings composed of light dancing around me

I watch the patterns shift before my eyes
Revealing ancient secrets, answers to our existence
They begin to speak with unknown tongues
Whispering in my ears
Right as my vision starts to fade away again

Where am I?
It feels as if I?ve seen this all before
But there?s a strange silence in the air
And I swear it?s screaming my name

Is there anyone to show me the way back home
I?ve lost sight of the path, there is no escape
Being lost forever in one?s own mind
Just the thought of it is haunting
Just the thought of it is haunting

I cannot seem to find my way out of this
Now a faceless figure emerges to guide me
Through fragmentations of my memories
Reliving every moment I wanted to take back
And now see what I?ve become?

I?ve let myself fall victim to my own temptations
Merely a vessel bred to be used and abused
Now that I see where it all went wrong
It?s time to show the world what I?m made of

I?ve learned to accept every reality through this
Because all that we see is just a perception
Our consciousness holds no limit
Clarity will come to us in due time
Break from your comfort zone and open your mind
We must follow our intuition
Track Name: Harbour Of Misery
This world is not a platform for mankind to do as they please
It?s a living being, and we are nothing but a fucking parasite
We already have everything we would ever possibly need
But yet we thirst and hunger for more
Before long the resources will all be depleted

Do we really want our children to be left with nothing?
Wastelands and ruins as shelters, always wondering when the next meal will be
Polluted waterways, poisoned by toxic waste
We need to make a change before it?s all too late
For the next step will determine our fate
Will determine our fate?

Marching blindly towards an eminent demise
It?s time to stop, take a second and realize
That there?s more to life than what we live by
Step back and see our planet with new found eyes

The extinction of our species won?t come in the form of biblical plagues
It will be of our own creation, instruments of war obliterating all we know
Step back and see our planet with new found eyes

The dust has finally begun to settle, and now the consequences are revealed
Blatant ignorance for our actions has lead us down a path of which there is no return
We have no time to spare
Track Name: Into Infinity
As I lay here daydreaming, reminiscing on the times that I spent with you
Thinking back to when we were young, with not a care in the world to be found
An optimistic outlook for the future, we knew that we were gonna make a difference
And now I find myself sitting alone wishing you would come back home
Still can?t believe you?re gone?.

It seems like only yesterday since I last saw you
But you left us years ago
A constant reminder that we are mortal
Nothing lasts forever
And in the blink of an eye we could lose everything
All that matters in the end is what people remember you by

I have come to acknowledge the fact that we are only temporary
And since life is a fragile thing
Treasure every moment

But understand that existing is far from living,
Don?t lose what is real chasing only what appears to be
Chasing what appears to be
You meant the world to me

Honestly I?ve been struggling to understand why this happened to you
Because it wasn?t supposed to be your time (your time)

But who are we to question the journey that the universe has laid before us to embark upon?
Although our frames are fragile, our souls will forever stand the tests of time

Death is a concept that we must all learn to accept
The thought of the unknown is terrifying,
But endless possibilities await our exploration